Saturday, May 26, 2007

Evo Viii Xtreme

este es como si fuera el STI de Impreza porque el Lancer EVO que esta aqui es el baratex como el Impreza WRX a y faltan que saquen el modelos Xtreme S que es tiene mejores spec

Widely acclaimed by the motoring press and enthusiasts alike the Evolution VI and VII Extreme models were always going to be a hard act to follow. Headed by Toney Cox, former Ralliart Workshop Manager, our technical team have dedicated more time to the development of the Evo VIII Xtreme to ensure that the power and torque is delivered more progressively than any other previous Xtreme model.

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Boasting 337bhp and 320ft/lbs of torque, the Evo VIII Xtreme has been engineered in such a way that turbo boost is maintained for a significantly longer period over the rev range, simultaneously improving responsiveness and driveability. The use of competition internals in the VIII Xtreme allows consistent boosting at 1.6bar and ensures engine longevity and durability, backed up by our own comprehensive three year guarantee.

An Xtremely Evolved Evo - Evo VIII First Press Report
Is it possible to step out of an EVO VIII and even the uprated FQ-300 feeling unfulfilled? Daft though that sounds is hasn't stopped companies like Xtreme Automobiles (previously known as Ralliart) cranking even more power of the rally replicas for those man - or mad - enough to demand it.

The one-time franchised Mitsubishi dealer carved out a lucrative niche selling unofficially imported Evos to a hungry public before Mitsubishi UK got its act together and ordered some of its own. And though the name may have changed, the company's etho's hasn't. It still offers a line-up of tweaked Evos ranging from the silly to the downright insane. But if you want the best, you have to pay, and in the case of the Evo VIII Xtreme, the bill is a serious £33,700. That's a big jump on the £26,995 standard car, although the palpitations subside when you realise that your extra £7k buys not just a power upgrade but a host of engine and chassis tweaks which transform the relatively 'mild' Evo VIII.

This is no two-minute fix, either. Producing big power is easy, but doing it reliably requires a bomb-proof bottom-end. So there are stronger conrods, forged pistons, competition head studs and tweaks to the oil and waterways as well as the expected high-flow air filter, stainless steel exhaust and 1.6bar of boost. The result is 337bhp, 320lb ft of torque and the sort of soundtrack that will be instantly familiar to those who've played Gran Turismo. Baarps, whooshes, hisses and bangs fill the cabin as you work (quickly) through the rather notchy gate of the six-speed gearbox.

All that din would be pointless and rather embarrassing, though, if the Evo couldn't back up the chat. It can, of course, and although the laggier modified Evo trades some of the standard VIII's excellent low-speed torque for outright power, few will feel short-changed once they get beyond 4000rpm.

Xtreme reckons on 4.2sec to 60mph but it's not until you reach the higher gears - where the slingshot acceleration isn't interrupted by the need to reach for another cog - that you really begin to feel the punch on tap.

The standard VIII is more that capable of holding it's own on any stretch of tarmac, but the Xtreme's lowered, stiffened suspension and bespoke geometry make it virtually invincible on smooth roads, where it's all but impossible to unstuck either end or reach the limit of the excellent but noisy uprated brakes in normal driving. Things become slightly more lively when the going gets bumpy, though, and for safety and comforts sake your inclination is to climb down from maximum attack mode.

For most, the standard Evo VIII will be more than hairy enough and the Xtreme a bristle too far. But for track day addicts and hardcore enthusiasts who lie awake nightly tormented by the softening of their favourite tarmac terrorist, this is as near to a vintage Evo as it comes. Which is precisely why we've added this car to our long-term fleet. Watch this space.

aqui tienen el eXtreme SC otro animal de los EVO

In response to feedback from our more enthusiastic customers we have developed and built our first model aimed at the Clubman, Hill Climb, Sprint or Track day competitor.

Based on the lightweight close ratio gearbox Evolution VII RS model fitted with ACD, LSD Rear and Helical Front Diffs, our Xtreme SC is the most powerful car we have built to date, yet engineered to provide the customer with an opportunity to further tune and modify to take the power from 458bhp to over 500bhp if required! As with all of our tuning packages torque has been a major focus too, the Xtreme SC is therefore pushing out a back thumping 410ft/lbs to ensure astonishing pull throughout the rev range.

Quick Specs
Engine: 4 cylinder, turbo charged 1997cc
BHP: 458bhp @ 5,800rpm
Torque: 410ft/lbs @ 3,500rpm
0-60mph: 3.5secs (estimated)

2.2ltr Tomei Steel Crank
Tomei Forged Pistons
Xtreme designed Oliver I Beam Con Rods
Tomei Sports High Lift Sports Camshafts
Competition High Flow Fuel Pump
Honing to Improve Oil & Water Flow Galleries in Cylinder Block
Castrol Magnatech Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil
Competition head gasket
ARP Head Stud Kit
ARP Main Stud Kit
1000cc Injectors
BR8 Iridium Plugs
Apexi Turbo Kit with Remote Actuator & IHI Turbo
4 Branch Tube Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe
Ralliart 71 Thermostat
Competition Group A Dump Valve
Silicone Turbo Hose Kit
Silicone Water Hose Kit
Engine Oil Cooler Kit 15 row Cooler
Gems ECU, Map & All Sensors
Racing Suction Kit & ITG Air Filter
Brake Master Cylinder Anti Flex Kit
Xtreme Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System with De-cat Pipe
Ralliart Oil Filler Cap

Ralliart Twin Plate Clutch
Ralliart Group N Gear Change Mounts

Xtreme Lowering Spring Kit & Fast Road Geometry Setting
Ralliart Group N Roll Bar Bushes - Front and Rear
Ralliart Group N Top Suspension Mounts Front & Rear
Ralliart Group N Steering Rack Mounts
Ralliart Group N Roll Stopper Mounts

6-Pot Alcon One Piece Front Caliper
Aeroquipe Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit
Fast Road Pads Font & Rear Pagid 421's
Anti Flex Brake Stopper Kit
Mica Heat Transfer Prevention Pads
SRF Racing Brake Fluid
Xtreme Front Brake Disc Cooling Deflector Kit

Other Extras
Boost Gauge 2.5 Bar in Carbon Cowl
Xtreme Mat Set
Recaro SR Sport Seats & Matching Trim
Xtreme Lowering Seat Frame Kit
Xtreme Rear Bumper Exhaust Protection Trim
Xtreme 4 Point Harness
SSR Type C 18" Rims
Tyres Yokohama Advant A-046

500bhp plus package
Uprated Boost Control & Custom Re-map
Remote Dual Fuel Pump
Lift Boost to 2.0bar plus
Throttle Body Increase Size
Ignition Coil & Spark Plugs
Water Injection System
Jun Inlet Plenium & Exhaust Manifolds
Larger Intercooler & Piping
ahora este es el eXteme S

Whilst the Evo VII Extreme is a stunning car, the Extreme S goes further in every aspect and is a remarkable machine. Based on the light weight RS version of the Evo VII the Extreme S is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Capable of reaching 100mph in under 10 seconds the Extreme S is a track day lover and is engineered to produce the biggest grins anywhere. Extreme power and extreme handling, words simply do not do it enough justice.

Quick Specs
Engine: 4 cylinder, turbo charged 1997cc
BHP: 355bhp @ 5,876rpm
Torque: 378ft/lbs @ 4,236rpm
0-60mph: 3.8secs

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Eibach Sports Springs
Roll bar bushes front and rear (Group N)
Suspension strut rubber top mounts (Group N)
Steering rack mounts (Group N)
Revisions to suspension geometry

AP 6 pot front calipers with 362mm diameter ventilated cross drilled discs
AP 4 pot rear calipers with ventilated cross drilled discs
Aeroquipe brake hoses
Brake master cylinder anti flex kit
Racing brake fluid

Gems re-mapable sports ECU
Sports camshafts
Switchable anti lag
Gas flowed and polished cylinder head and manifolds
Sports air induction kit
Sports exhaust catalyst
Engine sylinder block modifications
Omega competition forged precision engineered pistons
Arrow competition forged precision engineered conrods
Sports thermostat & Ralliart pressure cap
Engine roll stop mountings (Group N)

25% uprated clutch
Gear change mountings (Group N)
Competition gear ratios

4 point detachable front seat harnesses
Extreme plaque
Extreme decals to boot / rear doors / bonnet

18" ultra light alloy wheels (reduces unsprung weight by 34%)
Tyres - 235 / 40 / 18
First Dyno run for Evo VIII
Xtreme carried out their first VIII Dyno Run yesterday. The car which was fitted with the factory option Titanium Turbo produced 285BHP at 6,300 RPM and 305ft/lbs Torque at 3,650rpm. This compares well with the similarly specified Evo VII we originally tested and which produced 287BHP @ 6,300 and 305ft/lbs Torque @ 3,650 RPM

As you can see the figures are very similar indeed the maximum torque on the VIII the being available at 340 rpm lower in the rev range. Power figures for our VIII XT upgrade package will be available shortly.
La Basuru nunca ha tenido competencia con los Extreme Version. El problema es que solo son para Europa, Inglaterra!!
Se ven trip esos modelos.