Monday, May 28, 2007

Lancer Evo Ix

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Rumor has that when Mitsubishi returns to WRC in '04, they'll use all new Colt Evoluation. However, insider source points out that this might not be the case until '05. Since Mitsubishi really wanna recapture the WRC title, they need to evolve to Evo IX.
Since the debut of Evolution in Oct 1992, there're 8 evolution in the past 10 years. Every generation is significantly improved from earlier generation due to the experience gathered from racing. This is especially true from '96 - '99, where Evo became the WRC champ 4 years in a row.
Since Evo 1's 250ps/31.5 kgm, this 2L 4cyl DOHC turbo 4G64 engine improves as the car evolved. Until Evo 8 the engine already has 280ps/40.0kgm. However Subaru WRX's boxer engine already made 280ps/40.2kgm output, it is necessary for Evo 9 to be more powerful, hopefully the max power can exceed 300ps, and the torque came earlier and more than Evo 8. At the same time, chassis, suspension needs to improve accordingly. Also, the front end will look more like the facelift Lancer, which uses the 'triangle' headlight, which is just as ugly, if not more, when compare to Evo 7.
We estimate all these will be firm by the end of this year.

y otra foto:

y una mas. en mi opinion se ve como un mezcla entre un Evo V/VI y un Lancer Ralliart:

parece verce muy parecido con el rallyart, y se ve muy agresivo.!
Se ve bien pero no me gusta que le quitaron las luces xenon projector :nogusta:
Se deportivo y a la vez elegante :2tu: .

Como quiera que lo pongan se ve :bow: pasao