Friday, May 25, 2007

1988 Conquest 8.93 At 150 Mph

Buschur Racing's Conquest

Over the 2002 winter, we've been busy. We sold our Orange AWD car that had run a best of 9.85 at 147 mph to Darryl Hudson. Darryl will be busy running the car, we are still on board with him and the car as the major sponsor.

We decided to build a car that would be capable of competing with the quickest Street Class cars out there, the Supras. This brings us to what you see in front of you.

The car was painted to match our 1998 Eagle Talon Pro Class car. The paint work was done by Ron Luman at Rapid Auto in Lorain, Ohio.

The rest of the car was completed here at our shop.

The car will be driven by Kevin Lawson. Kevin is not only a good friend of mine but he is a GREAT driver and was also the pilot of our AWD last year. Up until his first pass in this car his fastest RWD pass had been an 11.50 in my Firebird. He has quickly progressed in just 6 passes to 8.93 at 150 mph.

The car you see here is a 1988 Conquest. We owned this car a few years ago and with a mild set up ran 11.0's at 124. This was enough to win the DSM Shootout and the Summit Nationals at Norwalk Raceway all in the same weekend. The car was then sold to Aaron Poe who ran the car for a couple of years and had Gary Reese install the extensive roll cage in the car along with the rear end and 4 link suspension. Aaron was able to run a best of 10.0 at 135 mph with the car.

Below you will find a short list of the parts we used to put this beautiful piece of work together.

BR Stage 3 shortblock
BR Stage 3 cylinder head
HKS 272 intake and exhaust cams
BR high performance harmonic damper
BR ported 2G exhaust manifold
BR650 internally gated turbocharger
BR custom FMIC with 2.5" inlet and 3" outlet
BR custom 3" mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust
BR alternator relocator kit (designed by Tym Switzer)
BR billet water pump plate
NOS brand nitrous oxide. Four port 60-100 hp jetting
depending on track and tires being used
AEM standalone fuel management (tuned by Tym Switzer)
1600cc Injectors
BR high flow fuel rail
MSD DIS2 with BR Coil On Plug Ignition (designed and built by Tym Switzer)
GM Powerglide, BR converter, BR adapterplate, BR flywheel
GM 12 bolt rear end, 10" slick or DOT tires depending on class run
Aeromotive fuel pump and filter